YOU GUYS BETTER SAVE ME I’M ABOUT TO THROW SOME HANDS UP IN HERE! So my friend said that the whole Palestine thing is causing people to choose sides, and that she is ‘anti-war’. Now she’s my friend so I decided to be supportive and not rant at her. I firmly said that there’s no side, Israel is…



the other thing about the Great Bisexual and Lesbian History and Privilege Debate is like

it presumes that queer women can definitely and comfortably say “yes, i am a lesbian” or “yes, i am a bisexual woman” which isn’t true

this is why i call myself a queer woman. it’s not because i don’t “like…


Anonymous asked:

do you really think azalea's apology sufficed tho?

blkmagicalgurl answered:

did you…misspell her name on purpose??? are you tryna say something???

but forreal, i’m not team azealia or anything if that’s what you’re reading into from that reblog. even after her apology to the [insert initialism soup here] community, she still did not 1) apologize specifically to trans women and 2) went on to make a generalizing comment about gay men (more than likely, men who aren’t masculine of center) being catty, which is absolute shit. that shit still stands.

i am not, however, here for some yt fuckboy insulting her for some quick retweets/laughs/popularity/whatever. it’s not shady; it’s not even fucking clever. it’s lazy and disgusting. her record company was literally stifling and abusive enough to the point where she made public attempts to get out of her contract, pleading for them to let her go. she finally gets out of this arrangement only to have some yt gay make a joke about her working at walmart (which feels like some lowkey misogynoir)??? like, this trend of people making fun of Black women for a fucking retweet/cyber laugh is disgusting.

let Black queers collect azealia for her shit. yt queers, especially yt gay men, have no place in that conversation. it immediately devolves into this shit where everything they say is tinged with, or outright blatantly covered in, racist fuckery.